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Carles Piles

Carles Piles


Born in Valencia, Spain 1969. As a kid, did study music in Valencia where did play keyboards in some
rock bands and percussion in a symphonic band, but left the studies at
18 to get a job a graphic designer although still did play keyboards for
a few more years.At the age of 23 left all musical activity (for about 20 years!) to
focus in my new career as Graphic Designer and later on, as CG Artist.After a decade working on some animation movies in several European
countries, in 2010 moved to New Zealand to work in the well-known VFX
studios Weta Digital where did work on movies such as The Hobbit
trilogy, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Valerian and the City of a Thousand
Planets, The BFG (Disney/Spielberg), The Rise/The Down of the Planet of
the Apes, Men of Steel, Prometheus, Spectral, IronMan 3, The Adventures
of Tintin (S.Spielberg), etc.

Around 2013 my interest in music risen from the ashes and couldn’t stop
writing music and learning more about virtual orchestral instruments
(did produce demos for Spitfire Audio, VSL and IK Multimedia). At some
point had to make shake hands a well full-filled day job with the
increasing interest on writing music by taking a good part of my
sleeping time. Meanwhile briefs/invites coming (and big willingness to
work on them) as well as the level of these (writing for live players
which also implies extra time for the scores) and… my sleeping time
getting even smaller! At some point had to choose to keep only one job
so in 2017 left the VFX industry and moved back to Spain to work full
time as a media composer.